March 1, 2024
Easter Holidays 2022

Easter Holidays 2022

Easter Holidays 2022:

In just 3 short years, Easter will be here again and it’ll be time to entertain the kids in style.

For some people, that’s no easy feat! But with a bit of forward planning, you can keep the holiday budget low while keeping the children entertained and happy.

Easter Holidays 2022: Here are my top 10 favorite tips on how to entertain kids that won’t break the bank this Easter…

Outdoor Activities

Easter Holidays 2022: By now you’ve seen Easter eggs in just about every colour under the sun. But, did you know that each colour of egg has a specific meaning?

Yellow-and-white striped eggs are for little girls; pink and white striped eggs are for baby boys. Blue ones are for all children; green ones are to celebrate Spring (and come with a special chocolate treat);

pastel-coloured eggs mean it’s Easter Sunday; red ones represent Christ’s blood, shed on Good Friday; purple ones commemorate Mary Magdalene, who wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair before he was crucified; gold means God is risen!

Easter Egg Hunts

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than by hiding colorful eggs around your house and giving kids a fun activity to do with their friends.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, buy large quantities of plastic eggs from discount stores like Dollar Tree and stash them in each room for kids to find.

You can also create your own using a variety of household items like yogurt containers or plastic cups covered in foil or old clothes (use a marker to draw designs on them!).

Having all these extra options means that if one child breaks a real egg while searching, there are still plenty more left! Make sure that any time you hide eggs, you place them in areas where they won’t be easily stepped on—like under rugs or inside furniture.

Egg decorating

Though it doesn’t have to be expensive, many parents will spend a pretty penny on an Easter egg-decorating kit for their children.

Why not give them something a little more personal instead? Your kids probably already have crayons, markers and paint in their collection of toys—all you need is an empty egg carton, which you can buy at any dollar store. Instead of buying expensive kits or candy, offer your kids some creative opportunities at home that don’t cost a lot of money.

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a round of mini golf? Even in climates with cold and snow, there are courses to be found that are within close proximity to most large cities.

Mini golf is also great because it’s not only fun for kids, but also caters to those adults that want to get out of the house without staying indoors.

Putt putt courses offer something for everyone and typically sell reasonably priced snacks and drinks while they’re at it, which makes mini golf all around one of those great go-to activities when you need some fun on a budget.

Games and Crafts

It’s fun to try new ways to play together as a family, but even better when you’re not spending lots of money. If you don’t have toys or your kids are getting bored with what they have, here are some ideas for entertaining kids without breaking your bank account.

All of these activities can be done in one afternoon for less than $10, or most materials can be reused over and over again. You can even take parts of them and turn them into holiday party decorations later!

Indoor Fun – Do you have a pass?

If you live near an indoor fun park such as Pump It Up, consider getting a pass that can be used for multiple days at a time.

This will help your family save money by not having to go out all day in case it rains. And if it doesn’t rain, you get to explore local entertainment options! Another alternative is a local swim club or community pool; many offer affordable and inexpensive memberships for families.

Check online to see what services and amenities are offered by different clubs in your area. Another alternative is taking advantage of summer night swims where open pools stay open late and allow kids to swim under an evening sky. These may also be hosted by communities, parks, swim clubs or even lifeguards who volunteer their time!

Go to the Movies

Movies are a wonderful way to keep kids busy and happy for a couple of hours, but it can add up quickly. Look for movies that don’t cost as much, like matinees and those shown on weekends.

If you can’t avoid going to more expensive showings, consider purchasing discounted gift cards at sites like Raise or Cardpool.

Also, if you have a membership at your local multiplex, you might be able to score free tickets just by talking with someone in-house (no matter how rinky-dink).

Zoo & Aquarium Visits

Though it might be an expensive day out, a trip to your local zoo or aquarium can be a great day out for families with young children.

Visit their website to see what events they have planned and plan your visit accordingly. Many zoos also have play areas that will entertain kids for hours on end and teach them about wildlife at the same time.

Keep in mind that aquariums are more expensive than zoos and may not be as fun depending on your child’s interests.

If you live near a beach you may want to consider taking them to see some sea life in its natural habitat, but do make sure they’re suitably dressed!

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