November 30, 2023
he Best Father's Day Gifts

he Best Father's Day Gifts

Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Foodie Dad

  • It’s that time of year again! June 19th is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your dad for Father’s Day.
  • Are you looking for something unique and special, or are you hoping to get something practical? Does he enjoy cooking?
  • Or does he need some new tools and gadgets? If he’s anything like me, he enjoys eating out more than cooking, so I’ve got 10 great ideas to help you find the perfect Father’s Day gift!

1) Food subscription services

In Father’s Day Gifts if you know a foodie dad (or mom) who’s always craving some new, cutting-edge ingredients, why not surprise them with a subscription service?

Try out Blue Apron, Home Chef or Hello Fresh to get started. And if they can’t cook, they can at least appreciate a great meal out—check out OpenTable and treat them to an unforgettable dining experience.

Just make sure it isn’t something that encourages bad eating habits like fried foods or high-calorie desserts.

2) Culinary school experience

Start a class at your local culinary school. Even if you’re an experienced chef, attending a small-group or hands-on cooking session can be a fun and educational experience.

Not only will you get to bond with other people who love food, but you might also get some great new ideas for dinner! Bonus:

If your child is old enough, he or she can take part in some of these sessions too. (Here are 11 more fun activities kids and adults can do together.)

3) Artisan knife set

In Father’s Day Gifts the perfect gift for any dad who loves to cook, an artiisan knife set comes with everything he needs to professionally prepare a meal.

It’s definitely a splurge, but high-quality knives can last a lifetime—or at least until he decides to upgrade. A nice bonus:

Most sets come with tools designed specifically for slicing cheese and other specialty ingredients. Many high-end sets are also available with personalized engraving, making them that much more special.

Whether your dad is into cooking or not, there’s no denying that every man deserves a good set of knives.

4) Whisky stones

These cold-crafted, polished, soapstone cubes make an easy addition to any bar. Whisky stones are made of soapstone that has been cut into square or round shapes, then drilled with a hole through their center to allow them to fit on a key ring or lanyard.

They’re typically used as shot glasses by men who are big fans of whisky and don’t want their drink diluted by melting ice.

To use them, just put one in your glass (as you would a cube) and fill it with your spirit of choice – as long as it’s straight up, so there aren’t any other flavours masking that of your drink! You can freeze these stone cubes first if you want them to keep cold longer.

5) Beer of the month club

This one is a classic and you can’t go wrong. Not only will your dad get to taste different varieties of beer every month, but he’ll have a new present to open up on his special day.You can find them online, through wine stores or breweries.

Here are a few options: Beer of The Month Club / Craft Beer Club / Bier Box (UK) / Brew Nation (UK) / World Class Beer Club / Draught Delivered (UK) / Crafty Crate (UK) / Beer52 (UK) / Craft Beer Club (Canada) / Home Brew USA

6) Personalized apron

With some basic supplies and a fun family recipe, you can make your dad a truly memorable gift. If he loves to cook, encourage him to get creative in his kitchen with a personalized apron that features all of his favorite foods.

You’ll need to start by cutting your apron fabric into two even pieces and sewing them together with right sides facing one another so that you have one large rectangle of material. Next, use fabric markers or stencils to create designs on both pieces of fabric.

7) Canvas shopping bag

Everyone who has a kitchen (and especially foodies) needs to have plenty of durable and high-quality bags on hand. A canvas shopping bag is durable and stylish, but it’s also super useful if you go grocery shopping every week or if you shop at farmers markets.

Bonus: This particular style can be personalized so your dad’s initials show up in a corner! (Price varies based on size.)

You can pick one up from canvas shopping bag: Everyone who has a kitchen (and especially foodies) needs to have plenty of durable and high-quality bags on hand.

A canvas shopping bag is durable and stylish, but it’s also super useful if you go grocery shopping every week or if you shop at farmers markets.

8) Wood cutting board with bottle opener

$30-50: A cutting board makes a great Father’s Day Gifts because it can be used every day. Most boards are attractive and come with a bottle opener built into their design, which is very convenient.

The price range here depends on if you want a plastic or wood cutting board and what size (smaller boards are cheaper).

You should also consider if you want it engraved or not—this will increase your price point but is a lovely way to personalize a gift.

I highly recommend getting one that fits into his lifestyle, and then finding something that goes along with it (such as an engraving of his favorite sports team, family member, quote/saying). This is one of my favorite gifts to give any man!

9) Custom wooden wallet and belt buckle set

What better way to show off your favorite hobby than with a belt buckle that features a leather-bound food encyclopedia?

If your dad is a hobbyist chef or just loves food, he’ll love displaying his passion with a custom-made wooden wallet and belt buckle set.

Available from Etsy vendor DeadGoodLeatherCo, these items are handmade to order and feature an intricate wood carving of nearly any object you can think of.

And if you’re not looking for such an elaborate gift, there are several other less-expensive options available on Etsy including simple coin purses and small pouches.

It’s always best to give gifts you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself; when it comes to dads, food definitely fits that bill!

10) A personal chef service

By giving Father’s Day Gifts this can be done through an established company, such as those that provide personal chefs and catering, or through a local restaurant.

If you’re looking to cater events regularly (like business lunches), consider reaching out to a local restaurant owner and asking if they would be willing to rent their kitchen space during off hours.

You can then offer up your services as a private chef/caterer on nights and weekends. Depending on your area, you might have access to wholesale markets where you can buy fresh ingredients at deep discounts—getting access to quality produce will save you tons every week.

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